When Will Android 12 Be Released?

Android 12 is the third most popular Android version on smartphones, with 11.97% of users. It offers a completely redesigned user interface, new privacy features, and smoother ways to start playing or switch to a new device. Android 12 also introduces the performance class for devices, which defines a set of capabilities beyond the basic requirements of Android.


used to look like this in previous versions of the Android operating system, but they have been redesigned in Android 12. There is now a dedicated taskbar and a shortcut on the lock screen to quickly access all connected devices.

Applications can take the color of the Android system from an index to the color palette and use it in many different and subtle ways. The car key function in Android 12 works through NFC, allowing you to unlock your car door with your smartphone. Starting with Android 12, you'll get the latest emojis in apps that use Appcompat, regardless of how old your phone is or how long it takes for your apps to update. Google also updates small parts of the Android experience through the Play Store and Play Services frameworks.

If you don't want to wait for the OTA update, you can follow instructions to install Android 12 manually. The Realme GT has early access to the Android 12 version, which uses a new smooth AI engine, a fluid space design with 3D icons, and improved always-on screen features. Nokia missed most of its deadlines for its Android 11 update schedule and failed to deliver the promised update to its flagship Nokia 9 Pureview. Discarded items on Android are currently hidden from most file managers, since they are preceded by a '.XDA Developers has an overview of some of the first versions of Android 12 for the Pixel 2, but expect a lot of bugs and the possibility of locking the phone when playing this way. Android 12 is an exciting new version of the popular operating system that offers users more personalization options, improved security features, and smoother ways to switch devices.

It also includes a redesigned user interface with dedicated taskbar and shortcut on the lock screen for quick access to connected devices. The car key function works through NFC and you can get the latest emojis in apps that use Appcompat. You can install Android 12 manually if you don't want to wait for the OTA update.

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