Can Android Users Access Apple TV+?

Apple TV+ is a streaming service that offers a variety of comedies, dramas, and more. Unfortunately, Apple has not yet released an app for Android devices. However, Android smartphone users can still access Apple TV Plus through a compatible web browser. The Apple TV+ website isn't very convenient to use on a phone's browser, but on an Android tablet, the problem should be solved.

A Note 10+ was used to test this method of watching Apple TV+, updated to the extent that Samsung currently allows. The latest version of Chrome for Android produced streaming performance that, at best, could be seen. There were obvious frame rate issues, which may or may not be present on your phone. Apple has developed a perfectly usable Apple Music application for Android, so it's not out of the question that we'll see an Android application at some point.

The company has already made Apple TV+ available to Roku, Amazon Fire TV Sticks and some smart TVs. If you haven't yet subscribed to Apple TV+, you must choose the Start Free Trial option to get a free week of Apple TV+. If you reset the Apple TV or Apple TV+ app on a smart TV that's also signed in to the Apple Music app, the Apple Music app will restore its original settings. There's no limit to the number of titles or devices you can download, as long as they're linked to a subscribed Apple ID.

Apple's dedicated streaming service is home to top-notch actors, and you'll no doubt recognize the faces that appear in the popular drama series The Morning Show, starring Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Anniston. Here's a tip: As long as you're signed in to your Google Account on your Android device, from a TV to a Chromecast, that device should be added to your version of the Google Play store no matter where you access it from. In case that doesn't sound exciting enough, Apple TV Plus just announced the premiere date for comedian Jon Stewart's return to television with the documentary series The Problem with Jon Stewart. Oh, and don't forget that you can also download programs from Apple TV+ to watch offline if you have storage space. If you want to access Apple TV Plus on your Android smartphone, you'll need to make sure that you've signed up for a free Apple ID account and that you're subscribed to the streaming service. You can then go to TV. and start your free trial if you already have an Apple ID. Apple has made the Apple TV Plus app available on the Google Play Store for Android TV devices. However, it is still not available for other Android devices. But with this method, users can still access Apple TV Plus through a compatible web browser on their phones or tablets. The mobile version of the site could be better but this method works thanks to the fact that Apple TV+ is designed to work through desktop web browsers and therefore technically also works on mobile browsers.

As usual, mileage may vary. We've already covered the options for Chromecast and Android TV users here at 9to5Google, so if you're looking for ideas on those platforms, check out Stephen Hall's excellent article on the subject. So if you're an Android user looking for ways to access Apple TV+, this method should work for you. With thousands of movies available for rent or purchase and premium channels available with your subscription, there's plenty of content waiting for you.

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