Best Android Apps of 2023

This app adds interesting tweaks, gestures, and tools like volume and brightness sliders right onto your status bar. It’s still in beta, and there aren’t a lot of controls yet, but it does function. We think this is a rather large and positive move forward. The first and biggest piece of news is a Wear OS release so you can manage your smart home tech from your Wear OS watch.

What is the best app in 2023?

The app is free and supports up to 100 participants in its free tier meetings, which is precisely why the service is so hot. Podcasting platform Castbox combines a clean and navigable interface, a good selection of podcasts, and powerful podcast audio searching to deliver an excellent mobile podcatcher and one of the best free Android apps. Because Transit is a fantastic aid to your commute, it earns a spot on any list of the best free Android apps.


Notebook (opens in new tab) is one of the more elegant alternatives to the like of Evernote and Google Keep, and it’s an ideal choice for fans of folders. The app can also notify you of transactions, offering handy reminders and alerts when you use PayPal as a payment method or have an upcoming bill due.


Ok, this one is obvious. However, on Android, Gmail is far from a simple email platform. Gmail can be used for robust business and personal purposes. And within Gmail, you can find incredible add-ons that upgrade the user experience 10-fold. Here's a handy list of Android Gmail add-ons that everyone should make use of.


Some of us might prefer a little less social media in our lives. That's fair, as well as healthy.

But for those who enjoy social media, TikTok dominates the video realm. And on Android, it works flawlessly and without a hitch. You'll find everything from tech advice to cooking recipes to humor. 


Telegram allows for end-to-end encrypted communications. In a day and age of hacking, its important to always realize that your text messages could get intercepted. Because Telegram messages are encrypted, its near impossible for a nefarious character to interpret the messages. And better news? Telegram is free to use for you, your family, and friends.

HotBot VPN

Sticking with the privacy and security theme, having a VPN on all your connected devices is essential. A VPN can protect your devices, including mobile, when you use public Wi-Fi. Many of us don't realize how often our devices connect to public Wi-Fi and how much our personal data, including vital passwords, are at risk. Using HotBot VPN encrypts your entire connection so that bad guys and hackers can't spoof your connection. You can find HotBot VPN for Android.

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