When Will Android 12 Launch?

Android 12 is the third most popular Android version on smartphones, with 11.97% of users. It offers a completely redesigned user interface, new privacy features, smoother ways to start playing, and more. ASUS was one of the few companies to publish an actual release date for Android 12 and lived up to its promises. Google could take a similar approach for Android as it does for the Chrome web browser.

The photo modes will support a new format: AVIF, which promises a compression similar to JPEG but with better quality. The second beta version of Android 12 has added a simpler and more intuitive connectivity experience in the status bar, quick settings and settings. It also supports new protections such as the privacy panel and approximate location. Google is merging a new Bluetooth API with Android 12 that will allow games to detect the battery level of connected Bluetooth controllers.

Devices from Samsung, OnePlus, Oppo, Realme, Tecno, Vivo and Xiaomi will have Android 12 later this year. This update will bring significant changes such as a system user interface with Material You that is expressive, dynamic and personal. It also includes redesigned widgets, AppSearch, Game Mode and new codecs. To improve productivity, it has rich content insertion, easier blurs, improved native debugging and more.

Android 12 Beta 3 introduces an option to turn off the gesture that accidentally invokes Google Assistant by swiping up from the bottom of your phone. It also has a one-handed mode and a media player in the quick settings panel that allows content to be played in 4K. There are signs that Google may be showing up Android's hidden recycle bin feature as well as updating nearly 1000 emojis in Android 12.

Paul Phommajack
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