Can Android Go Run Normal Android Apps?

Android Go is a lightweight version of the standard Android operating system, designed to run on devices with less RAM and memory. It is based on the same Android version as the standard version, and all Google Play applications are accessible to Android Go users. The interface of the Android Go adaptation remains practically the same and offers all the same features, including sliding movements. To make Android lightweight and reduce the size of applications, Google has also developed a special version of the Play Store for Android Go.

The good news is that Android Go Edition won't be limited to certain markets, and the ZTE Tempo Go will be sold in the United States. Google will allow manufacturers to decide where Go phones are needed, rather than suggesting the markets in which they should be launched, as it initially did with Android One. Like a normal Android, users have access to Digital Wellbeing to manage screen time and set timers for Do Not Disturb. The goal of Android Go is to help basic smartphones work with less RAM and memory, which are essential for developing countries.

In any case, Google's feed is still missing here, but users should be happy to have such a small size of Android Go applications. Google has also said that in the future, each version of Android will have an Android Go configuration. Android Go has a number of advantages over traditional versions of mobile operating systems, including a more affordable price and lower RAM requirements. It also supports both languages, which is ideal for multilingual users.

Android One is more representative of how Google wants to treat Android, but it's not as restrictive with Android Go. There are several websites for developers to create smartphone applications that are compatible with this operating system. All devices with 1 GB of RAM or less will have the Android Go configuration, starting with Android Oreo.

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